Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions For Visitors


Question #1:
Q: How Can I Contact Members VIP Club?
A: We have a dedicated support desk that is available at:

Question #2:
Q: How Do I Login To Members VIP Club?
A: For paid Members VIP Club members simply use this URL to be taken straight to the main members area:

Question #3:
Q: How Much Does Members VIP Club Cost?
A: For a paid membership with Members VIP Club the current cost is $12.00 per month, or $72 per year (Half price you save $72 per year). Subject to go up so get in now.

Question #4:
Q: Is There an Affiliate Program With Members VIP Club?
A: Yes there is, and at present all our affiliates, paid and free members receive 50% commission on whatever plan your referral chooses to join! We pay all affiliates on the 15th of each month via PayPal. We advise all members and affiliates to make sure that that their PayPal email address is added to their profile for immediate payments.

Question #5:
Q: Where Do I Locate The Latest Additions To MEMBERS VIP.CLUB?
A: When logging into the main members area, please look to the 4th item left and you will see a Downloads" button", clicking this button look to the vary bottom link "Newest Product Additions".